Dvegas facilitates adaptive Monte Carlo integration based on an enhanced and extended version of Peter Lepage's VEGAS algorithm. It allows to automatically take into account correlations. The code is fully object-oriented, written in ISO/ANSI standard C++, makes extensive use of the C++ Standard Library and includes an interface to OmniComp.

OmniComp is an intuitive system that is easy to install and use which allows to accelerate Monte Carlo programs through distributed execution on workstation clusters or PC farms as well as multi-processor machines. It is based on omniORB, a high-performance, open-source CORBA implementation from AT&T Laboratories Cambridge. Notably, it does not require thread-safe integrand implementations.

Dvegas 2
Dvegas 2 User Guide [HTML] [PDF]
dvegas-2.0.0.tar.gz (including OmniComp parallelization)

Dvegas 1
Dvegas 1 User Guide [HTML] [PDF]
dvegas-1.1.0.tar.gz (including Fortran, C and Python interface and pthreads parallelization)

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